Considerations for Booking a Wedding Reception Venue

After you’ve finished celebrating your engagement, the real work begins. When you and your intended sit down to plan your wedding, you will find dozens of items on your ‘to do’ list, even if you hire a wedding planner to help you. One of the most important decisions will be where to hold your wedding reception. There are several things you need to consider when selecting the perfect venue for your wedding reception in Sydney.

Reception Type

Determining what type of reception to have will help make some of the other decisions about a location easier. Do you want to offer dinner at your reception, or are you just planning on having cake and celebrating your marriage? If you are serving a meal, will you have it catered, or do you want to choose a reception venue that offers the meal as part of a reception package? Although you may be able to save money with a package, it can limit your choices.

600px-Me_and_Roxana_exiting_the_wedding_hall Easy to Find Location

Even though you may get married in a church, you may not want to hold the reception there, or it may not have the necessary facilities for the reception. If you decide to hold the reception in another location, you should try to choose a place that isn’t too far from the wedding venue, to make it easy to find. If people have trouble getting to the reception venue, then they may decide to skip the reception altogether, leaving you several guests short and wasting the money you paid for food, drinks and other services.

Budget Limit

You will want to set a limit on how much to spend before you start looking at venues. You don’t want to get your heart set on a place only to find out it costs much more than you can afford. After you’ve found venues you can afford, make a list of the ones you’re interested in and make appointments to visit them so you can see what they look like firsthand.


Wedding Date

The date of your wedding is an important consideration, especially if you plan to get married during the peak wedding months of March or November. Most popular venues will be booked well in advance during these months, and it can be difficult booking a venue if you don’t do so at least six months ahead of time. Even if your wedding date is not in the peak months, you don’t want to procrastinate booking a venue as that can leave you with few choices.

Guest List Size

When you’re visiting each venue on your list, you will need to determine if they have room for all your guests. Make sure they have facilities suitable for everyone whom you think will be attending the reception, which includes restroom facilities and other accommodations for elderly guests or guests with disabilities. With careful planning, you can find a great reception venue to celebrate your big day.