Tips for Upping your Pork Recipe Game

Pork is one of the great staples of the British Isles’ cuisine. You can find the legacy of pork recipes throughout the history and culture of the island. It’s the food that was once favoured by Celtic warriors and Medieval knights alike. Mutton has long been a delicacy served during aristocratic gatherings, in Michelin-approved restaurants, and in private homes as well. Everything from spiced pork to shish kebabs has found its niche within Welsh cuisine. On the one hand, it’s great to have so many options when preparing pork. On the other hand, however, all those choices can be a bit overwhelming, and it’s all too easy to simply keep serving a dish that you already enjoy. Unfortunately, repetition can dull your taste buds over time to even the most scintillating dish. In any case, variety is one of the great joys of the recipe world, so here are a few tips for making old, classic pork dishes taste new again.

Spice is Nice

One of the biggest mistakes made by first-time chefs when preparing pork is to do so with the absence of spices. Pairing the right spice with your pork can make an immense difference in its overall smell and taste, transforming a dull dish into an exciting one with just a few choice sprinkles. With that said, you don’t want to go to the other extreme and drown the meat’s natural flavour with spices either. You’ll want to work out the correct ratio of spice usage before cooking the meat. Sites such as Porc.Wales provide helpful tips as to how much spice you should use and when to involve it within the cooking process. In terms of specific spices, paprika pairs extraordinarily well with pork, bringing out the meat’s natural taste while adding its own bold flavour to boot. If you want good quality pork, you can order it online through Porximity and have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

On the Side

One of the great principles of painting, for example, is that images in the background and foreground have a relationship with one another, often providing cohesive context to the work of art as a whole. In that same vein, side dishes can be used to better bring out the flavour of a main course, and vice versa.


If you ever hear people talking about what wines pair best with chicken, fish, cheese, and chocolate, this is what they’re getting at—the taste of one complements and thus enhances the taste of the other. The same principle holds true when serving up great pork recipes—as half of the battle comes not just from preparing the pork itself, but from the preparation of cohesive side dishes as well. When eaten in combination with a glorious, well thought out side dish, the meat will take on a whole new feel.

A Touch of Sweetness

One that note, some of the most interesting pork dishes to catch on in recent years have experimented with pairing pork alongside sweeter side dishes, such as various fruits and treacle. To pull this off, you’ll again want to make sure that you have your flavour ratios right, and that the spice, pork, and fruits are all in proper proportion to one another.

All this and more can help your next pork entrée be as bold and beautiful as you can imagine.

5 Expert Kids Party Planning Tips

As your kid’s birthday approaches, it can be easy to get more than a little flustered about putting on a party that both the children and parents will enjoy.

First, you’ve got to consider a theme, then there’s the party games, the food, the party bags and, of course, the cake.

However, what if we told you that it didn’t need to be so stressful? What if you could put on a great party without any of the panic attacks before, during and afterwards? Well, take a look at these 5 expert kids party planning tips, and you might just pull it off.

Ask For Help

While it seems obvious, far too many parents try to take on a birthday party all by themselves, only to regret it.

Whether it’s your partner, a family member, a close friend or parents of other children attending, it’s worth asking well in advance for help with things like the food, drink, decorating and planning for any party games.

Stick to a Theme

Themes are one of the most important things of any kids birthday party because everything else should be influenced by them.

Hopefully, it should be quite easy to decide on an initial theme, be it your kid’s favourite superhero, Disney princess or animal. Once you’ve settled on one, try and leave its mark on everything.


Take a look at this great post from Real Simple which shows how you can make the most out of a theme. Our favourite is the Little Italy party which includes ‘pin the pepperoni on the pizza’, ‘hot tomato’ (hot potato with but with a tomato’ and ‘meatball race’.

Over Prepare With Food

One common mistake at any party is not preparing enough party food. We all know just how occasionally difficult children can be with their eating habits, so even when you think you’ve made enough, you discover you are short on pizza and overstocked on egg and cress sandwiches.

The simplest way to tackle this is to make more than enough. There’s no need to worry about extra waste because you could offer some to parents, and potentially the sweeter things could make up part of the party bags.

Create a Timeline

This tip comes courtesy of London party planners Twizzle. They told us, “The easiest way to make sure everything runs as you planned is to make a schedule or timetable for the party. Whether it has two or ten points on it, it gives your party some much-needed structure.”

“A timetable not only allows the children a chance to play all of the fun activities you’ve planned, it helps you work out the best time to serve the party food.”

“However, if one activity roles over into another time slot, don’t panic. If the kids are enjoying it, that’s all that really matters. Reshuffle things or cut some activities if one or two prove particularly successful!”

Save Gifts for Later

Depending on the average age of children attending, some kids can get quite jealous watching the birthday boy or girl open the pile of presents, which can turn the party upside down.

We suggest you save the gift opening until all ion the guests have left, this way things won’t get derailed.

Obviously, this is easier said than done because some children or parents want to witness your child open the gift they have bought for them.

Assess this case by case, sometimes it might be possible to sneak off to a side room and do it, sometimes it won’t. For some great advice on this always tricky situation, check out this post from Alpha Mom.

How To Choose The Best Aromatherapy Fragrance For Your Hot Tub Or Spa

With the increase in awareness of the benefits of a holistic lifestyle, many people are now combining aromatherapy into their everyday lives. There are a number of different ways you can do this from a diffuser that you plug in to a normal plug socket, a burner that uses a tea light to heat the oil or a fragrance to add to a hot tub or spa. However, when using a hot tub or spa for this purpose you need to be aware of certain things. We asked Aqua Spa Supplies for their top tips!

Aromatherapy fragrances designed to be used in a hot tub are not the same as the ones you would use in a burner or diffuser. They need to be specially designed and produced so they cause no harm to the tub, the pipework, the filter or the motor. Do not be tempted to use an aromatherapy oil you have bought off the high street. So what choices do you have in these types of fragrance?

Try the Liquid Pearls range from inSPAration, one of the leading manufacturers in these products who have been producing them for over 35 years. Their unique blends will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised and with the choice available, there’s going to be something for everyone. Try lavender to balance your senses, eucalyptus to treat a cold or citrus splash to energise you.

Spazazz are also renowned for their great range of aromatherapy spa products. With tempting blends such as the delicious sounding honey mango, exotic coconut and vanilla or the revitalising tropical rain you can turn your leisure time into a whole new experience. They combine natural fragrances with moisturising botanicals which can be an alternative way of treating aches and pains, stress or tension in a way that is harmless to your hot tub or spa.

How should you look after your AC unit for Effective Working?

An AC unit has been one of the highly beneficial inventions of the contemporary era. It caters you with peace in scorching summer days along with keeping you away from the disturbing heat. The machine has been highly useful, but they do not come cheap. You would be required to pay a significant price for the AC unit.

Maintenance of the AC unit

This would also call for requisite attention to the imperative matter of taking good care of the air conditioning unit. You would also be required to undertake regular maintenance to have your AC unit continuing to work in the best condition for a considerable length of time. No one has been looking forward to purchase an air conditioner every year and neither would you. Hence, you should know about the various kinds of maintenance methods to keep your AC unit in a healthy state.

look after your AC unit for Effective Working2

It would not be wrong to suggest that various owners have usually neglected the maintenance factor. AC units have been well built machines. This would also mislead the owners at times. When the machine has been emitting cool air, people think that everything has been fine. However, they have not been aware of the fact that the AC unit has been losing its effectiveness and efficiency with each passing year.

What would happen for lack of maintaining AC units?

You should be made aware that in case you do not undertake maintenance of your AC unit, it would lose around 5% of its efficiency with each passing year. It has been immaterial that the air conditioner has been giving cool air or not, its efficiency would be decreased significantly. Every air, the conditioner encompasses a rated capacity. A decent air conditioner would usually work efficiently for fifteen years. In some cases, it might work for more. In case, you carry out routine maintenance of the air conditioner, there would be every chance that the air conditioner would be working at its rated capacity all through the life.

look after your AC unit for Effective Working1

How to perform maintenance on AC unit

You should perform regular checks on the AC unit slightly before the due date. The question would be how to perform the maintenance of your AC unit?

First, you would be required to perform a general observation check. You should look for any leakage or odd sounds. Moreover, you should check for proper drainage of the condenser tube.

homeowner installing new thermostat

Second, checking filters for cleanliness has been important. You must clean the filters on monthly basis to let your AC unit provide optimum performance.

Third, clean the compressor. The compressor ought to be cleaned from the outside using a hose. The dust should not effect in the proper functioning of the air conditioner. For more information, you could visit


Three Reasons Why an Outdoor Fountain Show Makes Businesses Stand Out

There’s nothing quite as magical as walking around a shopping centre and coming across a beautiful fountain, shooting water into the air in intricate patterns, beautiful designs, and hypnotizing rhythms. Watching the water fly while accompanied by some grand music, or, better yet, some colourful lights can liven up an evening in such a simple, yet powerful way. Your night went from ‘boring errands’ to ‘great experience’ in just a few moments.

The sense of awe that accompanies these kinds of installations is one of the reasons locations like Las Vegas are so popular. As long as you’re walking down the street, you’re experiencing something unique, beautiful, and vibrant. Pair those displays with a couple of your closest friends, and you’re guaranteed to have a night full of cherished memories.

There’s no doubt that displays like those draw crowds. Imagine bringing that same sense of wonder to your business or event. Working with Liquid Fireworks could make that a possibility, and there are some compelling reasons to do so.

It’s a Show All by Itself

Watching a performance, like Cirque du Soleil, for instance, is enthralling because of the beautifully fluid movements of the gymnasts contrasted against their remarkably vivid costumes and the rainbows of colours surrounding the stage. Fountain displays are your personal acrobatics performance—the water is your gymnasts, the lighting and music are your stages. Those passing by can’t resist stopping and staring, and maybe even taking a photo or two. After all, unlike expensive shows like Cirque du Soleil, there’s no cost of admission. Increase foot traffic and make your customers happier all in one simple swoop.

It Can Be Made to Order

The possibilities with display fountains are nearly limitless. Working with a reliable and well-taught company means you can have a self-contained fountain within its own pool of water, ranging all the way up to a barge-sized water show floating in open depths. While it might be pretty hard to design something for business in a strip mall, many businesses and outdoor shopping centres will find that they could benefit from a dazzling fountain show in one way or another.

They Don’t Have to Be Outside

These shows are popular enough that people who want to watch will pay admission. While that’s pretty hard to enforce in regards to an outdoor display, Liquid can create a display indoors as well. Given enough space and the proper layout, you could soon switch from drawing crowds to the doors of your business to bringing them directly inside your shopping centre. Give your customers the experience of spending time with their closest friends, and eating food from a local restaurant while experiencing the spectacle of a fountain display attraction.

These fountains are truly more than just fountains, and they can change the atmosphere of a shopping area or event from generic to ethereal. Draw in crowds of unforeseen proportions, and give your patrons an experience they’ll never forget. You’re not just doing them a favour either, because down the line, you’ll be able to thank yourself for it.

Rediscover the Costa del Sol

A Trip to the Spanish Coast Doesn’t Need to be Tacky

The Spanish coastline has a reputation for bawdy, boozy holidays. If you dig a little deeper though, you’ll discover more than that in the Costa del Sol.

Spain is a wonderful location for a holiday, whether you’re travelling there with friends, a partner or with a large group of family members. Unfortunately, in recent years, Spain has gained a bit of a bad reputation. Due to the infamous partying tourists pictured in the papers and featured on TV, some see Spanish destinations as tacky – particularly the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca and Costa Brava. Well, that’s a myth that needs busting. These areas have plenty to offer travellers, regardless of the kind of experience you’re looking for.

It’s not all about the beaches

The Costa del Sol is famed for its beaches – they are what draw so many tourists to the area, after all. You’ll find more incredible scenery if you head inland as well. If you want to spend some time out of town, go to the JardínBotánico La Concepción, a sprawling botanical garden. The Nerja Caves are a must-visit too. These huge caverns are truly awe-inspiring, and they’re home to the world’s largest stalagmite. The Costa Blanca is home to a wonderful garden in HuertodelCura – a great alternative to the beach for an afternoon.surfing-in-spain Culture and history

The Spanish coast may not strike many as a cultural hub, but you’ll find some incredible monuments, museums and theatres.  The city of Malaga has an art scene as vibrant as Madrid’s and restaurants that are as well regarded as Barcelona’s. Over in the Costa Blanca, Alicante is home to the Santa Barbara castle. An iconic part of the landscape, the origins of this castle date back to the 9th century. The Costa Brava is Dali country – you’ll find a number of museums dedicated to the artist, including his house at Cadaqués. There are also plenty of Greek, Roman and Iberian archaeological sites to explore.

Brilliant Benidorm

There’s no doubt that Spain is popular for families, with Benidorm being particularly loved by British tourists. Thanks to the TV show, which only serves to reinforce the area’s reputation for mass market tourism, it’s been saddled with a label that it doesn’t deserve. The big, all-inclusive resorts offer something for all the family. If you’re planning to stay in one though, consider exploring the other side of this Costa Brava city while you’re there. The old town is charming and is set on a hill between two beaches, making for some incredible views, and you can find some incredible tapas bars if you fancy eating out one night.

Alternative hotels

If you want to give the big hotels a miss but stay close to the action, then you’ll have plenty of locations to choose from. The Costa del Sol is home to some small, unique hotels that are a great alternative to the vast resorts – one of the best has to be Casa de los Bates. In Costa Brava, the Aiguaclara Hotel Begur is a traditional rustic inn that gives you an authentic taste of Spanish culture. Thanks to its great location though, you’re right in the middle of the action. Last but not least is the Costa Blanca’s Art Boutique Hotel Chamarel, a boutique offering that’s a million miles away from the more popular hotels along the coastline.spaintrip_gironaSay Hola! to the Spanish seaside

While the big coastal Spanish resorts may have their detractors, they’re a great place to spend a holiday. With plenty more to do if you head out of town, there’s no reason a trip to any of the three Costas can’t be full of culture, culinary discovery and chances to connect with nature. If you look in the right place, you’ll discover what it is about the Spanish coast that attracted tourists there in the first place.

Investing in a Land of Rich History

Despite a war-torn and troubled history, Vietnam is now a vibrant country with beautiful beaches, Buddhist temples, monuments to past leaders, and sprawling cities. In short, there are plenty of things to do and see in Vietnam, and the boom in the local property market and a relaxation of foreign property ownership laws has seen unprecedented economic and social growth.

Vietnam had been experiencing an economic slump until a new law came into effect in July 2015. This law liberalized foreign property ownership, and now effectively permits any Vietnamese visa holder to buy residential property without restriction. This policy applies equally to houses of all types and all sizes including condominiums, villas, and townhouses, among others.

The policy also means that foreign property owners can even legally sub-lease these homes and pass them down to future generations. By liberalizing property ownership laws, the Vietnamese government has effectively opened their economy overnight to major foreign investment and has ensured that Vietnam itself can become a major multi-cultural society in the future.

Open for Business

The implications of these new property laws are indeed significant. Given that our understanding of all modern and prosperous economies is based upon stable property ownership, Vietnam is effectively open for business and has signaled this to the rest of the world. Clearly, the intention is to grow the Vietnamese economy as rapidly as possible in the new century and to develop partnerships with other nations in the region and in the rest of the world.

As of the end of 2015, analysts predicted the property in Vietnam was beginning to attract major international attention from savvy investors and even from those simply seeking a sea change or to increase their rental property portfolios. The benefits of this new economic activity to Vietnam and Vietnamese people include:

  • Investment: Greater foreign investment translates to a flourishing national economy. When money is funneled into an economy in this way, the opportunities for the locals increase, including employment.
  • Upward mobility: When a national economy grows, aspiration also increases. This results in the creation of a middle class and subsequent increased spending domestically.
  • Projects: When borders are opened to foreign investment and trade, money pours into the economy and ideas are exchanged more freely. The result of this is that building projects are announced and funded, tourism receives a boost, and new social policies are implemented.

Hot Property

There has never been a better time to invest in Vietnamese property. The economic growth of the country is predicted to continue, making it a rich market for Asia Pacific nations in particular. As the housing boom continues to develop in Vietnam, the social benefits are multi-fold and include improved social mobility, building and construction projects, improved tourism, the free exchange of ideas, a rapidly growing economy, a booming retail sector, and cultural impacts through the addition of property that can now be inherited by those who were formerly disallowed from entering the real estate market.

How a Log Cabin Could Change Your Life

Just imagine not having to navigate morning traffic and hustle to get to a bleak office that you cannot stand. Working from home is many people’s dream, and it could be one that you are serious about, so why not create a working paradise right in your garden?

Imagine a working environment where there is not an annoying co-worker in sight, there is no commute involved, and you get to control which radio station plays in the office. Better yet, you don’t need to make tea for everyone in the office every time you want a cup! Doesn’t that sound like an idyllic working environment? What if you could live the dream? What if you even realised it could improve your health?

Health and the Working Environment

The average working week in this country is about 43 hours which is one of the longest working weeks in Europe, and for small business owners, the hour count is typically a lot higher. All across the nation, it is estimated that we lose over 130 million working days every year due to ill health and injury, with back pain and stress enforced by longer working days and gruelling commutes being the major causes.

There Is a Solution!

You can do something to improve your productivity and your health. Sit down and really think about what causes your illnesses and stress and ask yourself how you could overcome them. What if you could work from home and do away with the commute? You may be worried about all the distractions at home when you’re trying to get work done. Well, what about working in the garden?

Luxury log cabins are the perfect solution. The views may be inspirational, and they won’t steal time from your day the way a Netflix subscription or the lure of your Xbox might! Today’s log cabin choices are plentiful and you can choose double-glazed, heated, and well-lit cabins complete with electricity to create your dream office.

Log Cabin Could Change Your Life1

With your very own cabin, you can set up everything you need to work just the way you want it, which will lead to greater productivity. While you may be thinking that’s great for people who do office work, you may wonder about people who have a more hands-on trade. Cabins are available in an assortment of sizes and if you have a larger garden, you can arrange an area of it into a unique garden office. Better yet, set up a few smaller cabins to create separate work and production spaces.

Stress Relief

A cabin as a home office is a great help with stress relief, too. At the end of your working day, you can step out of the cabin and take a seat on your patio to watch the sunset while sipping a refreshing glass of something tasty. There’s no getting in the car or heading for the tube and battling rush hour, so you can just feel the stress melt away.